第一日目。午後5時半に家を出ました。今晩の目的地であるノースダコタ州の首都ビズマーク市までのドライブ。6時間を予定していましたが、途中ミネアポリス市で帰宅の渋滞に巻き込まて、ビズマーク市到着は、真夜中をすぎていました。途中、世界で初めて、アトランテイックオーシャンを飛行したLindbergh  Charles チャール・リンドバーグ( 1927 年プロペラ機で、ニューヨークパリの間を飛び、大西洋単独無着陸飛行に成功。1931年には、太平洋飛行にも成功)の生まれ育った町 リトルフォールズ(littel falls)で休憩。 今年の国立公園への夏旅は、ハイウエイ94をひたすら西に17時間の旅。 アメリカ第一番目に国立公園となった、イエローストーン国立公園出の夏冒険です!



月曜日、曇り空。買い物へ。まずは、9月から始まる学校で使う(ノート、鉛筆、フォルダーなどなど)備品を担任の先生から指定されていますので、それを早めですが、購入。そして、トレダージョーズというスーパーで、この木曜日のよるからイエローストーン国立公園に行くので、その食料を購入。 夕方からは、近所のみんなと遊びました!夕飯は白身魚のフライ。日本から持ち帰ったパン粉で。

かなり心配しましたが、三度目が吐き終わると、あっけらかんとして、元気! 少し出遅れましたが、ハドソン市で一番有名なアイスクリーム屋(knokeschocolates )さんに1年ぶりに出かけました。はなちゃんは、ブラックベリー、けんちゃんはスーパーマンという何ともカラフルなアイスクリームを食べました.それから、ビーチまで散歩をして、リフレッシュな午後でした。

水曜日。晴奈ちゃんの国語ドリルが終わりました!インターネットでヒントを得て自由研究のテーマも決めました。 「レモンは電池になるか?」です。実験をして、まとめるつもりです。 読書感想文の本も、半分読み終えたんで、好スタートです!




丸2日間かかって、すべて、パントリーにしまいました! 時差ぼけに悩まされてた夜も、3夜のみ。3夜目になると、夜中に数回目が覚める程度になり、落ち着いてきました。






Last day in Japan 2014

 Kyoko took us to the 100 yen bakery ( ブーランジェベーグ)for lunch!  Hannah loves the Japanese bakery!  The last supper in 2014 Japan was Sushi !!

A friend from Nakano elementary school visited us!. Thank you for the Osenbe.

Thank you very much for everything ! It was a great stay 2014 Japan. 


Onsen (a bath house)

We went to 雅楽の湯(うたのゆ)onsen. It took about 45 minutes by the train.  This onset is opened a half year ago. It has a nice Japanese garden in center and 10 different kind of unique bath tub. 

Mom and Oba-chan did enjoyed this bath house a lot.  Three kids also enjoyed a little while??
They may have enjoyed the Japanese drink called " Mammy ( a probiotic dairy product made out three fermented milk:)" after the bath. 
In front of garden
With Oban chan

Kent! eat quick ! so we can go to the toy vending machine.
After the bath house we went to ramen noodle shop, which their favorite ramen noodle shop ( 幸楽苑)Kent got a kids meal with a small bowl of rice and a coin for the toy vending machine ( Gashapon Capsules) .

Hannah had one and half bowl of ramen!

A Day trip to Gunma prefecture ( Grandparents' hometown)

Sunday all Nagai family went to visit grandfather's relatives in Gunma prefecture. It took us about a little over 2 hours drive. 

at a famous noodle store.
Mizusawa Udon is a special product of Mizusawa, Ikaho-machi, Shibukawa City, Gunma Prefecture. This udon is famous as one of the three most delicious udon in Japan. It is know for its firmness and transparency. 

with Gradfather's old brother
This restaurant is called  松島屋. There are 13 noodle restaurants along this ( the noodle street). 松島屋 is the one of best restaurant.  Since we had a big breakfast we just had cold noodle. Next time I want to try the different dipping sauce for the noodle.

photo with everyone! 
 We visit at Mizusawa Kanon.
Built around 1300 years  ago, this historic temple has come to symbolize Ikaho.

At Mizusawa Kanon,there are the rounding Kanon statue. If you drag this Kanon three around, you will have a  lot of luck in your life! 
Mount Haruna (榛名山, Harunasan) is a 1449 meter high, dormant volcano in Gunma Prefecture, which together with Mount Myogi and Mount Akagi, form the "Three Famous Mountains of Gunma". 

At the center of Mount Haruna's caldera stands a perfectly symmetrical, cone-shaped projection called Haruna Fuji, due to its resemblance to Mt. Fuji. 

The crater lake at the top of Mount Haruna is known as Lake Haruna and is a popular spot for boating and fishing. In winter, the lake is a popular ice-fishing spot and known for the local wakasagi fish.

Rowboats and swan shaped pedal boats are available to rent for between 1500 yen per 30 minutes! " Since Kent is the captain of the boat, he made a serious face. "

Hannah was a big afraid of being in the boat. We also had a bit rain .

We visit a famous local restaurant called " 落合梁(おちあいやな)”, which run by my dad's relatives. They served the fish ( あゆ)cuisine. 

with dad' older brother ( 85 years old)
With Sakue san ( owner's wife )

with Miwako san ( owner's wife's sister)

A great view for Tonegawa from restaurant

This is the most famous あゆ( sweet fish)

This sashimi version is also yum!


a Final full week in Japan 2014

Monday kent started learning Hiragana at school. 

Tuesday night we had fireworks at Kyoko's house. Kent got so excited to sleep over at her house.

Kent's last day at school was Thursday. He attended the closing ceremony at school.   He had such a great time at Yoochien. We are very pleased! 

Kent's art!
His growth notes from school. 
2011 Heights 91 cm, Weight 14.6 kg
2014 Heights 112.7 cm, Weight 20.5 kg!

 With Mito sensei.
 Hannah's art. Friday is her last day of school.
Friday was last day of school for Hannah. She got notes from her classmates and also her sensei made very nice comment of her work for 5 weeks at school.  After school we went to the  Crepe shop.  

 Then we played with Aoi-Chan ( from Nakano elementary School)

 Karaoke night for celebrating the last day of school.

A Clam Saturday and Soroban school

Saturday It became much cooler today, only 79 F. Last week was 95 F.  Mom didn't have her phone today, so there is no picture. :(   In the morning Kent got so excited to spend time at Hobby zone ( AEON Mall)  to build a race car. Since daddy was with us, Kent decided to try to bring him here next year.  

The lunch was at  Bakery. Both got  a couple of different a yummy bread and Melon pan. 
In the afternoon we went to community center for playing. Hannah had a great time with her old fiends who was happened to be there. 

Hannah went to the last Soroban (  Japanese abacus) lesson at 4:00.  Her best thing in 2014 summer Japan is learning soroban. The teacher is a very nice old  man, The tuition of the soroban school is only $50. She even learned how to sharpen a pencil by a knife.
We are very pleased what she has learned !


Kasukabe festival

Notes from Aoi chan.
It is a bit cooler than yesterday! Hannah's old friends (from previous elementary school) join us at Show community center. They played the card games and badminton. Sorry there is no picture for her friends. In the evening we went to Kasukabe Festival.  We were enjoying the Taiko performance. 

  We saw a various portable shrine parade.  There are a lot of food/play booth along the streets. Hannah had Okonomiyaki ( $6).  Kent had sheaved ice and tired to get a small turtle from the tab. 
Mako, her friend, Kent and Hannah.